Riana Parvez
PhD Programs in Biomedical and Biological Sciences, USC

“I was included on four publications earlier this year that compare characteristics of mouse and human kidney development.”

Taylor McReynolds
Technical Support and Sales Specialist, TriLink Biotechnologies

“I work with researchers from all over the world in a range of different study areas to help them find solutions to their research needs.”

Clare Yarka
Senior Research Associate, Kite Pharma, Inc.

“We are developing cancer therapies that equip a patient’s own immune system to kill their tumors.”

Natasha Natarajan
Medical Student, Columbia University

“I use my basic science research skills to add new perspectives to my curriculum.”

Mariam Bakheet
DDS Program, USC

“I am able to apply a rich portfolio of interpersonal and professional experiences to create a positive impact in the oral health and wellbeing of the community.”